Total solution:

Korean SMT Solutions is a complete solution for electronics production on the basis of equipment from leading manufacturers of South Korea.

Total quality control:

Korean SMT Solutions is a solution for the manufacturers of critical electronics. Consists of tracking NOK product in all steps of the assembly process (solder paste printing, component mounting, reflowing).

Total flexibility:

Korean SMT Solutions is a solution for quick changeover of the line for manufacturing of new product. This is especially important in the context of changing demands of market’s conditions.

This is possible due to the following reasons:

  • Estonia is the EU and Eurozone member.
  • There are no taxes for legal bodies in Estonia – that means 0 % income tax of the company.
  • 0 % VAT for buying products from EU countries in Estonia.
  • Low cost of real estate and leasing of premises in Estonia.
  • Low level of salary in Estonia (among EU countries) and most of the population is Englishspeaking.
  • There are sea and cargo ports in Estonia.
  • There is our company is Estonia that would provide your production facility with the best equipment by the minimal price, and the best servicing and technical support in Europe. Our company will help you on all the stages of factory management and its maintenance.

Korean SMT Solutions — the best is available for you.
Stop choosing between the best and the affordable.