Please, address our company service team for warranty issues, technical or maintenance service and advice for equipment operation

Attention! Messages without applications will not be considered.
“Korean SMT Solutions” is an exclusive distributor of a range of worldwide equipment manufacturers for European electronics industry. This allows to minimize equipment delivery period and provide best quality of maintenance service. It is common knowledge that good maintenance service is one of the most important parts of correct selection of equipment.

You can always count on “Korean SMT Solutions” in getting prompt and qualified assistance if there are technical issues in equipment operation.

In case of equipment failure, “Korean SMT Solutions” engineer will immediately visit your enterprise, if the failure cannot be fixed remotely by phone or email.

To send equipment to us for repair one needs to present:

  1. Warranty certificate
  2. An email describing the malfunction or a filled-in application on the website.
  3. Equipment sent for repair is accepted with a complete set of spare parts and accessories in the manufacturer’s packaging or in a container that prevents damage during transportation..

Maintenance service structure

Experienced head of “Korean SMT Solutions” service team provides uninterrupted work of skilled specialists. Our service engineers have higher technical education, participated in trainings at the enterprises of equipment manufacturers and have corresponding certificates.

Service engineers keep upgrading their skills and eagerly share their knowledge with customers’ specialists during consultations, start-up and commissioning works and by participating in workshops held by “Korean SMT Solutions”.

Why Choose Us?

Korean SMT Solutions promotes complete solutions for European electronics producers on the basis of equipment from leading manufactures of South Korea

Total solution:

Korean SMT Solutions is a complete solution for electronics production on the basis of equipment from leading manufacturers of South Korea.

Total quality control:

Korean SMT Solutions is a solution for the manufacturers of critical electronics. Consists of tracking NOK product in all steps of the assembly process (solder paste printing, component mounting, reflowing).

Total flexibility:

Korean SMT Solutions is a solution for quick changeover of the line for manufacturing of new product. This is especially important in the context of changing demands of market’s conditions.