In 2019, the most popular SJ Innotech screen printer HP-520S model was updated:

– Advanced version HP-520SII. It superiors its predecessor “S” by the increased accuracy of stencil alignment servo drives – ± 10 μm versus ± 12.5 μm. By standard HP-520SII is equipped with a high-speed conveyor that reduces the minimum cycle time due to the accelerated transfer of the PCB. While printing, stencil is fixed still to the worktable by additional vacuum suction. HP-520SII achieves the supreme printing for the most sophisticated PCB assemblies.
– Economy version HP-520E. Mass production of this screen printer has reduced cost through bulk purchases of major components. In addition, design changes were made, some parts and components were simplified, and the whole assembly process was optimized. At the same time, all the main technical parameters remained the same as the “older” model. HP-520E still allows you to work with pretty compex PCBs with the 01005 chip size and IC pitches of 0.3 mm with the alignment accuracy of ± 12.5 μm.