KIC awarded a 2022 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Process Control Tools for its new Dual Profiling option system. This award was announced during a ceremony at Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022 during SMTA Guadalajara in Mexico.

KIC’s Sales Manager in Mexico, Miguel Carbajal said “KIC is excited about winning this award and receiving recognition for our innovation. Customer feedback directed us, and our top-notch R&D team, to find a unique solution for profiling up to 24 points on a PCB, and the market seems to be very pleased with the result.”

The new Dual Profiling system for Profiling Software 2G and SPS Smart Profilers allows to use 24 thermocouple locations in a single profile run for temperature profiling measurements process. The new system consists of two 12 channel SPS units, paired together and run as a single 24 channel profiler inside of a new thermal barrier case. This is key for customers who require more sample locations on some of their products, but still want to use same profiler on smaller boards requiring less. Dual Profiling allows this flexibility usage.

Using the Profiling Software 2G application, a user can synchronize two standard 12 channel SPS Smart Profilers together and they will function as a single profiler system. Also included is a brand-new shield design to accommodate protecting 2 SPS profilers by simultaneously.

When profiling larger products as server boards or long PCB are often a need for more measurement points. The new Dual Profiling system provides this ability and more flexibility for running with other TC location configurations also.

The Dual Profiling option with 24 channels and associated hardware is available in a variety of kits, offering ultimate system flexibility. System kits are available with the purchase of new SPS Smart Profilers and as an option for use with existing 12 channel SPS Smart Profilers.