KIC introduced the new Dual Profiling system for Profiling Software 2G and SPS Smart Profilers, allowing to use 24 thermocouple locations in a single profile run for temperature profiling measurements. The new system consists of two 12-channel SPS units, paired together during run as a single 24-channel profiler inside with a new thermal barrier. This feature added value as a key for customers who require more sample locations on some of their products, but still want to use their profiler on smaller PCB.
With this new system, using the Profiling Software 2G application and user can synchronize two standard 12-channel SPS Smart Profilers together and it will function as a single profiler. Also a brand-new shield design to accommodate protecting 2 SPS profilers simultaneously.

When profiling larger products as server boards and long PCB, needed for more measurement points. The new Dual Profiling system provides this ability and more flexibility option for running with other TC location configurations as well, the best of both worlds.

The Dual Profiling option with 24 channels and associated hardware is available in a variety type of kits, offering ultimate flexibility. That kits are available with the purchase of new SPS Smart Profilers and as an option for usage with existing 12-channel SPS Smart Profilers.