KIC has received a 2021 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Process Control Tools for its new WPI system – Wave Process Inspection. This award was announced during a ceremony at Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 during SMTA International in Minneapolis, MN.

General Manager at KIC Miles Moreau said : “The whole KIC team is very proud of this award and the success of the WPI. Along with industry leading profiling setup and optimization tools, KIC has always taken pride in inventing the entire category of real-time inspection and monitoring for reflow and wave soldering. The WPI takes this to the next level, and as always KIC is leading the way”

WPI system brings KIC’s award-winning technology and thermal experience to the wave solder process inspection. Wave Process Inspection provides users with automatic profiling algorithm– including an industry first dwell time and parallelism measurement for each production PCB– real-time preheat and wave type analytics, automatic SPC charting and more.

KIC’s 45 years of experience for automated process data collection systems, direct service and support offices in every region with more than 25,000 systems in the field brings the most reliable, accurate and innovative solutions for electronics manufacturing in thermal process systems.