1 Click SMT received a 2022 CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY NPI Award in the category of Soldering – Selective for its MAS-i4 Selective Soldering Machine. This award was announced during a special online ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022.The company adds this latest award to its collection along with a 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award and three 2021 Mexico Technology Awards.

The MAS-i4 is the latest generation selective soldering machine with the highest flexibility and output. This system features an XY servo table for two independent fluxer nozzles (fluxer 1 and fluxer 2). The distance between the fluxers is automatically adjusted by servo motors, as programmed by the software of machine.

Customers can choose to use only one fluxer for all boards so it can accommodate two flux types in one machine same time or they can choose to use two fluxers with the same flux for project. For preheating, the MAS-i4 is equipped with a top convection preheating zone and bottom IR preheating zone. The top preheating zone is above the soldering section for better solder fill up process.

For the soldering section, MAS-i4 has dual individual solder pots in each Z axis. Each solder pot has dual individual selective wave tunnels. That means if a customer is looking for maximum production output, they can use the carrier for four pieces of the same board and they will be soldered at the same time. This means 4X the production compared to most competitor systems. Or other way two nozzles can used – a large nozzle and two small nozzles to solder the same board with best flexibility.