1 Click SMT introduced new Unit-i1 latest generation compact inline selective soldering machine. In less length it combines a drop jet fluxer nozzle, bottom IR preheating, selective solder pot and AOI system function. The result is a full function station for fluxing-preheating-soldering-inspection process.

After soldering is complete and the built-in AOI inspects all of the soldered joints for bridging,less solder, excessive solder, solder particles. Also the system “auto repairing function” can be activated to solder the “defect” position again automatically. This system is ideal also for modern smart factories.

Unit-i1 is used as standalone or as a module with the highest flexibility. For volume production it can be placed with unlimited boards one after another. For the production of different boards, customers can separate each machine standalone and every machine can work individually.

1 Click SMT manufactures selective soldering, wave soldering and PCB handling equipment under the Sasinno brand. The brand stands for “Smart and Steady Innovation.” For other equipment, such as AOI, reflow ovens, conformal coating, dispensing, printers, SPI, odd insertion, etc, 1 Click SMT has an experienced engineering team to source these machines and qualify them.