1 Click SMT received a 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Wave Soldering for its new E-THERM NRW Series Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine. This award was announced during a ceremony that took place Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021 during productronica in Munich, Germany.

The NRW Series machines features an automatic solder pot (in/out & up/down), a spray nozzle cleaning system, and even spray for minimized overlapping. The heavy-duty conveyor rail has a robust conveyor finger. Additionally, the system has five individual preheating zones.

The NRW wave solder system offers an optional “upgrade fluxing with selective fluxing built in”. With this option, only the desired areas will be fluxed without stopping the conveyor, saving 70–85% flux usage.

The NRW Series machines offers an 1800mm preheating length, with bottom hot air convection preheating zone. > Unique 5 bottom preheating zones, for a smooth preheating profile. The fully Titanium solder pot design translates into a long lifetime.

The NRW Series machines provides the quickest and safest way to switch between leaded and lead-free processes. The Titanium soldering pot is 100% capable of lead-free application. An optional fume extractor does not require an exhaust pipe outside of the machine. When upgraded to built-in selective fluxing, flux usage will be reduced dramatically, reducing smoke output.