4. Small Production Line for LED Products Assembling

Total solutions for LED technology
The line is designed for manufacturing of LED lamps of different modifications.
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This line is designed specially for beginning manufacturers of LED lighting systems.

Special nature of LED systems production is the necessity to have high speed equipment for various LEDs and minimal set of SMD components.

The line is based on architecture of a standard line for SMD component assembly, but the equipment is modified specially for work with LEDs.

The line works with FR4 PCBs as well as with aluminum PCBs up to 510 x 460 mm.

The oven length allows working with long aluminum PCBs (with high heat capacity) according to temperature profile recommended by LED vendor, without decreasing of operation time for the rest of the line.

Special vacuum nozzles are used for placing LEDs on PCBs; they are designed to avoid damage of their silicone lens. These nozzles are made of non-adhesive materials to avoid sticking of lens.

The unique ability of the line is work with LEDs in bulk; that could lower the cost of purchased components as well as the final cost of the product.

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