1. Small Production Line

Total solutions for surface mount technology (SMT)
Affordable line is designed for small scaled production or contract manufacturing.
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The equipment in the line is selected regarding the wide range of tasks of a beginner company or small own manufacturing.
The line equipment is maximally coordinated by specifications and abilities to consider it as a universal solution to assemble PCBs of various complexity.
The line is fully automatic from loading of PCBs up to output of assembled product. One or two operators are enough for such line with positive influence to the cost of the product.
The line works with any most frequently used SMD components – from small chip components 01005 up to big ICs 55 x 55 mm. Component mounting precision is ± 30 μm (at 3 σ).
It corresponds to the best precision characteristics of up-to-date analogous equipment.
Possibility to prepare work program offline together with intelligent feeders allows maximal preparation of a project before launching in the line.
Changeover of the line to a new project takes only several minutes.
The line capacity could be increased in the future by upgrading with more efficient pick-and-place system. It provides a large reserve for further development of the initial manufacturing with minimal investments.

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