3. High Performance Flexible Line with Online Quality Control on All the Assembly Stages

Total solutions for surface mount technology (SMT)
This solution will suit the up-to-date demanding manufacturers with mass product.
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In the conditions of frequently changing demands of the current market, the manufacturers would like to have a flexible production for timely manufacturing of product and for quality control to correspond all the up-todate requirements.

Korean SMT Solutions company offers the solution for big enterprises manufacturing different products with large batches.

According to current tendency towards downsizing of components and, as a consequence, to lessening of pad size, it becomes necessary to control the quality of assembled product on all the stages.

This solution uses three quality control systems, one after each process step: 3D control system of solder paste application after screen stencil printer; optical inspection system of components placing correctness after pick-and-place systems, and soldering quality optical control of ready product after reflow oven.

Information on each product goes to the common database; that enables tracking the product on each assembly stage and responding to errors during assembly timely (the operator's monitor displays picture of PCB part from three system simultaneously).

The line contains the most up-to-date pick-and-place systems for SMD components from 01005 up to 55 x 55 mm with speed up to 186 000 CPH (Optimum*)

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