5. Big Production Line for LED Products Assembling

Total solutions for LED technology
This solution is mainly designed for mass-scaled production of LED lighting systems and LED screens.
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The line is designed for assembling of PCBs up to 680 x 460 mm, it corresponds to most popular demands of LED lighting market.

This PCB size allows assembling both classic LED lines and entire PCB of the popular Armstrong lamp.

The line speed is 82,000 CPH according to IPC-9850, it is enough for production of 120 – 150 Armstrong lamps per hour or 400 – 700 LED stripes.

The line holds 200 feeders 8 mm to assemble lamp PCBs, power supply units, control boards, and other more complex products with vast number of various SMD components.

This is a universal solution. The machines work with all up-to-date LED and SMD packaging – reels, sticks, pallets, and bulk components.

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